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Premier House Cleaning Services in Memphis, TN

Welcome to Not Just Dust Cleaning Services, your premier choice for professional house cleaning in Memphis and surrounding areas within the Memphis Metro Area. Our dedicated team of expert cleaners is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning solutions paired with outstanding customer service, ensuring your home shines with cleanliness and comfort.

At Not Just Dust Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of a clean and tidy home in alleviating your daily stress. Let us handle your cleaning needs with precision and care, allowing you to enjoy a sparkling home without the hassle.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Recurring maid services and deep cleaning for residential properties
  • Small office cleaning to maintain a productive work environment
  • Laundry and light cleaning services tailored to your needs
  • Post-construction cleaning to rid your space of debris and dust



All cleaning services are tailored and customized to meet individual clients’ needs. We will go over all your specific requests regularly in a residential operation, so you will not have to worry about performing the job. Also, please expect to receive a call, text, or email from us to make sure everything is fine or if eventually any correction must be made.


We place a high priority on ensuring the cleanliness and freshness of your clothing and linens through our Laundry & Light Cleaning Service. We’re here to offer you more than just clean clothes – we provide peace of mind and the gift of time.


We’re all about keeping small offices squeaky clean! Our attention to detail is top-notch, and we’re all about delivering excellent cleaning services for small office spaces. From tidy desks to sparkling floors, we make sure your office stays fresh and inviting.


We are here to help make your next move a stress-free one. Whether you are moving in, moving out, or placing your home on the market, we can help.

Moving can be a stressful time, but we are here to take care of it.


We know when it comes to running a successful business keeping a professional image, and a healthy working environment is a must. We provide a clean and tidy environment so that your company can perform better. Focus on your core business and leave the cleaning to us


It doesn’t matter if your building is new or has just been renovated the best way to increase its value and the appeal of your real estate is to hire a professional post-construction cleaning, which involves 3 phases: rough clean (debris removal), deep clean (the most critical phase), and final clean (after dust and dirt settle, also known as touch-up phase). Call us for an estimate today!

Free Time And Weekends Were Not Intended For Cleaning Your Home!

Say goodbye to spending your precious free time and weekends on household chores! Regular house cleaning is essential for maintaining a fresh and inviting home environment, allowing you to relax and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

In Memphis, finding an affordable and trustworthy house cleaning service is a breeze! Our team of local cleaning experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service at competitive prices. With our expertise, we ensure thorough and professional cleaning, delivering outstanding results every time.

Ready to reclaim your weekends and rediscover the joy of leisure? Our recurring maid services are tailored to fit your schedule, offering weekly, biweekly, or monthly options. Additionally, for those times when you need a comprehensive cleaning overhaul, we also offer one-time or occasional deep cleaning services.

For dependable house cleaning services in Collierville, look no further! Request your free quote today and experience the difference our services can make. Give us a chance to impress you – we’re confident you’ll be delighted with the results!

Check Out Our Awesome 5-Star Reviews

So completely clean…Isabel was wonderful!!! Even cleaned our coffee maker pot and put our couch pillow covers on which was completely unexpected — all we can say is WOW!
Elizabeth Terziyski
Elizabeth Terziyski
Camila's company did an excellent job cleaning my house, I really recommend this company to everyone. The employee Jessenia was punctual, polite and very detailed, I really liked her work, it was five stars.
Thalita Amaral
Thalita Amaral
The house feels so fresh and clean! It was so nice to come home and not worry about what needs to be cleaned or put away! Way less stressful. Definitely recommend!
Racheal Urquhart-brown
Racheal Urquhart-brown
My home was perfect and sooo clean after their visit. Definitely they know how to do what they set. They take care of the details, I truly recommend.
Carolina Vianna
Carolina Vianna
They definitely do way more than dust, it is so wonderful to have a cleaning company that cares and follows through with a complete service. House has a fresh look, smell and now new company. Great service.✅
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander
I’ve had a couple of surgeries and have not been able to keep up with things around the house, so a lot has been neglected, even with other people helping out. I found Not Just Dust through a Google search to help get us back on track. She did a ton of work and did a great job. She even cleaned items I was not expecting like the electric toothbrush docks and the coffee maker. Everything is sparkling and clean and I am so relieved. Hopefully, we can maintain it so it won’t be as hard for her next time and she will be willing to come back! Definitely recommend this business.
Marie Branch
Marie Branch
Very happy, our home felt so clean and fresh! They made sure to go over everything I needed done and were very thorough!
Ayana Shovar
Ayana Shovar
Great service! We were very happy with the results! Looking to set up reoccurring cleaning now.
Kevin Blankenship
Kevin Blankenship

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