How Does It Work?2022-02-14T09:11:24-05:00

A detailed explanation of how we perform our services and what you can expect from it is at our Company Policies.

Why use Not Just Dust Cleaning Services?2022-04-11T00:03:57-04:00

Our most significant commitment is your 100% satisfaction. We know that you have circumstances that are entirely unique to you. We help you identify your needs, and then we provide you with affordable, consistent, reliable services that have been specially designed just for you.

How can I trust your workers?2022-04-11T00:04:49-04:00

We are very particular about who we hire.

Every person who works with us undergoes a rigorous screening process that includes extensive criminal background checks.

Every staff member is given specific training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks.

Trust is a vital component of our business.

Will you always send the same person to have my house cleaned?2022-02-13T08:39:06-05:00

If this is something essential for you, we will make every effort to send the same cleaner to your home for each visit.

Our goal is to provide you with consistency no matter what, even if circumstances demand a staffing change.
We want you to enjoy the kind of continuity in your service that allows you to never think twice about it.

Every employee is trained to use the same efficient, effective cleaning techniques.

By visiting your home for the first time and creating a customized work order for your needs, you can always count on receiving the same excellent, personalized service to which you’re used to.

Do you provide cleaning equipment or supplies? Or do i have to?2022-02-13T08:42:48-05:00

Yes, we do. We arrive with all of the cleaning materials we need and take them with us when we leave. We’re proud to use the best products and vacuums on the market to ensure that we leave your home looking the way you want.

Some clients sometimes ask us to use their own products.

If you have any preferences regarding what cleaning products we use, feel free to let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to work with your requests.

What is the importance of hiring a bonded and insured company?2022-02-13T08:42:58-05:00

Many times, a well-trained crew is not enough to prevent accidents. Hiring a bonded and insured cleaning service not only guarantees you are going to have reliable services but also prevents you from putting your assets at risk.

Besides the commercial car insurance policies we keep in our vehicles, we hold two other insurance policies to protect you and our team.

The general liability policy covers you and your assets from claims involving bodily injuries and property damage from products, services, or operations.

The other necessary coverage we hold is workers’ compensation, which covers our team from getting injured or sick from a work-related cause, including disability benefits, missed wage replacement, and death benefits.

Because doing the right thing is good for everybody.

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