We, like you, also need cleaning services and understand exactly what your daily needs are. But the worst thing that can happen in a client-vendor relationship is the surprises (especially the bad ones).

With well-defined processes and well-trained and selected crews, we guarantee that you will not have to worry about the cleaning hassle again.

​We are not here just to clean your house or office: we are here to provide you with cleaning solutions.



All cleaning services are tailored and customized to meet individual clients’ needs. We will go over all your specific requests regularly in a residential operation, so you will not have to worry about performing the job. Also, please expect to receive a call, text, or email from us to make sure everything is fine or if eventually any correction must be made.


We know when it comes to running a successful business keeping a professional image, and a healthy working environment is a must. We provide a clean and tidy environment so that your company can perform better. Focus on your core business and leave the cleaning to us.


Sometimes, you just moved into a new home. Sometimes, you were just too busy to take care of it. Sometimes, you want to sell your house and need a perfect clean-up to get a better appraisal (saving money on construction costs).

It does not really matter: if you need heavy-duty cleaning, you will be amazed by the job we perform.


We are here to help make your next move a stress-free one. Whether you are moving in, moving out, or placing your home on the market, we can help.

Moving can be a stressful time, but we are here to take care of it.


It doesn’t matter if your building is new or has just been renovated the best way to increase its value and the appeal of your real estate is to hire a professional post-construction cleaning, which involves 3 phases: rough clean (debris removal), deep clean (the most critical phase), and final clean (after dust and dirt settle, also known as touch-up phase). Call us for an estimate today!

Ready for an estimate?

Professional, courteous, prompt, and extremely nice! I requested after 7:00 pm and received a response immediately. I wasn’t expecting that. Camila came out the next morning to give me a quote, and began work that afternoon. This was a last minute request, and I’m so thankful that she and her husband were able to help us out. We had tons of furniture and other belongings out of place, but they worked around it. I’d definitely recommend booking with Not Just Dust.

Jessica H.

Camila and Mariana cleaned my house today for the first time. Looks great. I’m very pleased. For sure going to continue their services. Thanks so much.

Thed B.

I have used several high-end house cleaners throughout the U.S.A. However, I have not seen anyone who could compete with the efficacy, quality, and service provided by Camila and her team. In my experience, Not Just Dust is the best cleaning service that I have ever used. They are highly effective, very efficient, and have great communication. They are worth every penny!

Natasha R.